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Taste Tradition

Taste Tradition was founded on New Year’s Day 2004
Nestled near the top of Sutton Bank in the North York Moors National Park, the Ashbridge family has farmed in Cold Kirby for three generations. The traditional methods of breeding, rearing and finishing livestock used in our grandfather’s days are still evident in our farming protocols. The breeds we have chosen are well suited to outdoor rearing and quite simple, taste incredible – “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” as they say. We believe our success is due to the increased value people place on animal welfare, traditional farming methods and high quality, beautiful tasting real produce. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to have won many industry awards, both locally and nationally which we believe is testament to our quality of products and service

Roots of Oxford

We have chosen a local intimate supplier of organic fruit and vegetables. Their small team is full of knowledge. We get excited when the seasons change and we get our hands-on top-quality local produce straight from the farm!
Our ethos is keeping everyone happy!
Sourcing and quality
We always seek out the best quality produce from our many suppliers. Be it direct from the grower, fresh from the market or when the seasons permit, farms within Oxfordshire. We will always look to balance the quality and price to ensure you can serve or sell produce that looks and tastes great.
Also, please do ask for the unusual, it might not be here the next day but if it is in season somewhere in the world our buyer Martin will track it down. Martin is a fountain of knowledge and will always provide customers with mouth-watering cooking tips

Micro Greens

We love our greens big, baby and micro from their 10-acre farm in Launton, at the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Jenni & Richard Walker grow the finest, tastiest microgreens that pack a nutritional punch way above their weight and size. Microgreens are the shoots of salad & vegetables picked just after the first leaves have developed and containing up to 40 times more nutrition than their mature counterparts. hope you love them as much as we do.


Our fish is from Looe in Cromwell, fresh from the trawlers at 2:30am delivered to quay side at 430am delivered to use by 12pm daily. Second generation fisherman this father and son team are committed to sustainability, freshness and value. Every morning they review the freshness, size and best price. Its then allocated to us and loaded onto their refrigerated van. They race up the motorway to get it on our table by lunchtime. The freshest and best fish we can find.

Joe Delucci’s Ice Cream

Harwood and JoJo have been personal friends of Joe Delucci’s Ice Creams for years
They are a young family who are passionate about yummy ice cream without any bad stuff.
All made with quality and flavour in mind. We think you will love it, give them a go proper Italian Gelato ice cream !